Thursday, April 26, 2012

Brad Seng's presentation at Fairview High School on May 2, 2012 has been cancelled.  And the Boulder Valley School District told me they are doing an investigation into "the incident". I wouldn't call 5 years of deception of BVSD parents and misinforming of students "an incident". Also it should be noted that Terry Gillach, the principal at Southern Hills Middle School, claimed their school did a thorough investigation found nothing of consequence. But hopefully BVSD will take a more serious look than Southern Hills did and will remove Brad Seng from the BVSD approved speakers list soon.

BVSD told me there was a Health and Education Advisory sub-committee, overseen by someone named Katy Fleming, that last worked on the approved speakers list in 2008. Other than Katy's name BVSD has not told me anything about this sub-committee and who else was on it. They also told me that it is the principal of each school that approves the speakers coming into the school, and the health teachers choice which speakers coincide with their health program. So we are still left to wonder how this happened and how to prevent it from happening again (weed out the bad apples) in Boulder. I can't believe this happened in Boulder. Wow. Thank you BVSD for cancelling the May 2, 2012 event at Fairview and hopefully investigating everything thoroughly.

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  1. Thanks for this update, it's all I could find online.