Saturday, September 29, 2012

CO Denies Science and Reproductive Justice

According to his web site Mr. Seng is scheduled to speak at the public high schools in Mead and Frederick, CO in November 2012. I wonder if the parents in Mead and Frederick know this? In addition, the Boulder Valley School District has accepted Real Choices/Brad Seng's re-application to speak in BVSD again. Roy Holloway, of BVSD told me on September 4, 2012 that BVSD would be reaching their decisions  about who was on the approved speakers list in "a couple of days". Despite being given this information, BVSD has currently not reached a decision and refused to provide me with a list of speakers that are approved to speak with the children. I wish I had faith in their decision making abilities. But so far, I have felt the sting of run arounds and different stories depending on who I speak with in BVSD.

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